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This year on my vacation I stop in a gift store in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and found this bumper sticker that I just had to have. 

Its now a month later and I figured hey, I'll just go to this site and see what's on it. To my surprise it wasn't taken. I couldn't believe the company that created the bumper sticker didn't register the domain name. Oh well, their loss. So I figured what the hell, I'll registered it, put up a page and see how many people actually will bother to go to the site after seeing the bumper sticker. And maybe see if anyone else out there has one. So if you have the bumper sticker or have seen one let me no where you saw it. It could be me! :)

Also if you know where I can pick up another one please contact me. I have as yet to find anyone who carries them down here in Florida.

Well I thought, "What am I going to put on this page?" Then something came to me, "How about my driving pet peeves." So here are some of them. If you have any you want to add just or if you have any suggestions on content drop me a line.


Driving Pet Peeves

Number 1 is Tailgaters. I figured if they want to get that close that I would just slow down a bit more and give them a better view. :)
Teenagers that can't even see over the steering wheel
Waiting to get into the turn lane at the very last moment
Drivers who think the little blue indicator on the dash means that their lights are working.
Drivers who don't know the meaning of the word "MERGE."
Drivers who signal a turn and then go straight.
Drivers who speed up to prevent you from changing lanes.
Cars with stinky exhaust that always finds its way into your window.
Drivers who think turn signals are only a steering wheel option. Why else would they refuse to use them?
Drivers who speed by a long line of cars and squeeze in at the front of the line.
Drivers that pull in front of you and then slow down. Like they suddenly forgot where the gas pedal was.
Drivers that can't decide what lane they want to be in. They think that line separating the lanes is the one they are suppose to drive on.
Drivers that don't get completely in the turn lane and have their ass ends hanging out in the other lane. 


Thanks to all that have signed my guestbook and letting me know where you have seen the bumper sticker. I still can't believe that I have yet to see another bumper sticker here in Florida.





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September 14th, 2000

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