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Stupid Pictures 2

Stupid Pictures

This page is where I have collected stupid driving pictures and funny street signs.
Be patient it will take awhile to load all the pictures.

Gives a new meaning to "Hood ornament."

Is that legal?

Monster Truck?

I want to know where this road is!

Somewhere to take the kids next vacation.

Yes, its my right!......Cough, Cough

I bet that's in Florida, we can't count either!

Must be a curse.

Sign says it all

Warning: No parking in front of the fire hydrant.

uhh, what can you say

National Convention of Moron Drivers
Ways to confuse a blonde driver

What was the DOT doing when they hung these?
Maybe hung isn't the right word!


Which way did he go George?
Which way did he go?






Uh....They weren't kidding!

Next stop.....Mickey's Playhouse
I am so confused!